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FMS12 - how to get FMS to create .zip archive backups

Question asked by itraining on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by PointInSpace

G'day FMSians


The IT person supporting FMS12 for a client has noticed the Daily backup schedule has changed recently.


In earlier versions of FMS (11, 10, 9) the Daily backup would create a compressed (zip) archive of the databases.

Looking at the backups folder, (see attached screen capture) it looks like FMS12 continued this behaviour of creating compressed (zip) copies of the databases, unless the compressed backups were all created with a prior version of FMS.


However, the past couple of weeks, FMS12 started creating uncompressed copies of the databases.

The difference in disk space is 1,600 Mb per backup, compared to 210 Mb per backup.


The "Help" in FMS was not very helpful to determine which tick box in the Schedule invoked the change in backup behaviour.

I thought the "Verify backup integrity" and "Clone the backup file" might be the culprits but checked, or unchecked, the backup produces uncompressed copies.


Is there a simple way to get FMS12 to backup the databases as compressed archives, or has this behaviour been deprecated?


Thanks in advance.




Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)