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    Creating a new project


      I'm trying to create a data base using Filemaker Pro, I have the Main Layout, and on it, I'm displaying and sorting the data that I have on my table using and "programID", on the main page, I want to call information that is related to this program ID, how can I do that?

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          Stephen Huston

          You need to provide a bit more info about how different tables are related before we can tell for sure what you want.


          Meanwhile, one of the fastest ways to view related data is to use a script (also a button script-step) to Go To Related Record(s), aka GTRR. This lets you jump from one record to all of its related records. You can specify the target layout (using any layout based on the related records TO) and set it to show either related records for only the current record or for all records in the current found set.


          Another  common option is to add a portal to the layout which shows lines/records which are related via a specific relationship.