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    Auto Height for a field in FM pro


      Hi there,


      I am using a similar database with an inicial solucion called invoices. I´m making an invoice and when I print it, if my article has a long name, FM just cuts it and when printing I have half of the name. I tried to make the field bigger but then all the articles have too much spase. It doesn´t work with a merge field either. If you can help me... I´ve just added a picture.




      -The presentation is made for the List View

      -The text that´s up is a mergefield

      -The other fields are normal fields in the body


      Please help me.

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          Hello, rgolea.


          There isn't a simple way to have a field automatically expand in Browse Mode to accommodate extra text. There are a few different things you can do:


          1) If you use sliding (Inspector / Position tab / Remove blank space by / Sliding up), then when you enter Preview Mode or print the layout, the extra space you see in Browse Mode will be eliminated.


          2) Shrink the size of the font so extra text can fit.


          3) Use Conditional Formatting to shrink the size of the text dynamically. What you can do here is set a calculation to detect how long the text is, and, if it's beyond a certain length (what will fit in the field), then make it smaller. For example:


               Case ( Length ( fieldName ) > 30 )


          might be your formula. Then you set the font size to the next size down.





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            Thank you! The first part worked greatly!