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File closing on opening

Question asked by maximums on Jun 19, 2012
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Hi all


I have been battling with the same file for several days now...yes battling! I've reverted to backups but after more work on a back up it repeats again—seemingly randomly. I don't even really know how to explain the problem but here goes...


Behaviour without debugger:


Open file (desktop or recent file list)

enter account name and password

file flashes ever so briefly then closes


Behaviour when using debugger:


Open file

enter account name and password

file opens

step by step through the opening scripts

when exiting the last script, the file closes.


There are no script triggers although I did have an "onlastwindowclose" trigger but removed that to eliminate that being a cause. There was also an onLayoutEntry trigger which I also removed.


There is an opening script that loads login data into global fields across several tables.


Error trapping produces nil errors. Dataviewer Get (LastError) maintains a "0" thoughout all script steps.


If I open the file using script debugger and stop the scripts from running the file remains open. A saved compacted copy of this file will open without the debugger and without any apparent repeated closing behaviour.


Go figure! Does anybody have any ideas or recommendations please?