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Charts on sub-summary report

Question asked by davehob on Jun 20, 2012

I have a simple layout, based on a table called PPL (i.e. People details, including home address). It has no body part, just a sub-summary part for each related field that the user has chosen for analysis. E.g. if user selects “analysis by district”, the data is sorted on the related District field, causing a summary field (PPL_s_Count) to be shown for each related District (PPL to DIS::DIS_Name).



Barton Hill – 10

Bedminster – 12

Brislington – 3,



I’ve now been asked to add a chart to the layout to illustrate the distribution. Is it possible, using the current layout? I can’t see how to do using the layout parts that I currently have (i.e. a Header, a Sub-summary when sorted by PPL to DIS::DIS_Name, and a Trailing Grand Summary).