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    Print Area Trouble


      I know print issues are a hot topic lately, but after digging through others posts, I haven't found one addressing my problem.


      I'm working on Windows 7 FMP 12 Adv and need to print in form view and list view.


      I have four tabs on the layout (nothing fancy just basics) and the print area set by default (started with a blank layout on 11 converted to 12) is set to landscape, but now cuts off most of the right and bottom sides of my tabs both on screen (the little parameter dots) and when printing. Since it's Windows, there is no page setup, just print setup and everything I have tried doesn't work nor any of the options on layout setup. I've played with % of normal size and fixed page margins (from their respective locations) and the results turn out the same- cut off in the same location even when taking up a fraction of the paper.


      Any suggestions? I can't just make the tabs and fields smaller because of the quantity of items and filled-in information located on each tab (and container fields). Nor can I add more tabs to redistribute fields because the layout is mandated by others I work with. It has to stay the way it is, but needs to be printable. Is this even possible??

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          I always create separate layouts for screen display and printing, with each layout optimised for the specific job. It's necessary because the size of the print canvas is usually different from the size of the display canvas. (Back when I first started developing in FMP 2.1 the print canvas was bigger than the screen, LOL.)


          The print process is scripted to open a new window, change layout, go to preview mode and issue the print dialog. Custom menus connect this print script to menu commands, keyboard shortcuts and toolbar icons.

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