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    Microsoft Surface


      Have I missed the discussions on these forums about this?




      Not since the release of the wheel mouse have I wanted Microsoft hardware. It puts W8 into context...


      Now, wouldn't this make an interesting platform for FM Go?

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          Since it's not an Apple product, I would be surprised if FM decides to support this with FMGo, at least until it gains significant market share.


          Also, I understand that one model uses Windows 8, which is roughly equivalent to the Desktop version of Windows 8.  If FMGo were to come out for this platform, I would think it would be fairly easy to run Go on the Desktop version of Windows 8 as well, which would probably not sit well with FM Sales at this point in time.  (Personally, I would be thrilled of such an option were available). 


          I had a chance to play with a prototype of this tablet, and it's not bad.  I little longer than an iPad.  The touch interface worked as expected.  It will have a full version of Office, and supports Flash, will integrate with Windows Domain Security, so it certainly has some noteworthy capabilties.

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            LeeSnover wrote:


            I would be surprised if FM decides to support this with FMGo, at least until it gains significant market share.


            But then we'd have FM Go support for Android, and I kind of doubt that's ever going to happen.  THAT would be significant to increasing market share for my solutions.

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              What does Android have to do with the Microsoft Surface OS?   Did I miss something?  Or are you saying Android has enough market share to warrant FMIs attention with FMGO? 


              I'd love to find a way to run FMGo on windows.




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                Yes, I was just reacting to your comment about whether FMGo would ever support Windows 8.  To me, that's about as likely as it supporting Android...and Android already DOES have significant (dominant) market share.  I don't know the intricacies of Win 8, but I suppose the fact that its the same OS between mobile and desktop means that *FMPro* would actually run on Surface or any smartphones that utilize the Win8 OS.

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                  Ok, I guess, I'm missing the point here. If it is running windows 8 why not use the Desktop app? I"m running FMP 12 advanced on Windows 7 I would assume that I will be able to run FMP 12 advanced on Windows 8 at some point in time.

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                    For now ... most solutions we are building are for tablets. And for now:

                    Tablets = iPad


                    We are building some more limited solutions for workflows with remote bar code scanners - here we are using iPhones, and we are even doing some solutions where people kan keep their iPhone in their pocket.


                    But the point is: When it comes to tablets, for now, there would be no real Android market. And when it comes to Android, the platform's very very fragmented and only a few % are running the latest version of Android.


                    Long term, this may change. But for now ... iOS is enough, at least for us.

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                      Um, because FMGo is free, and basically a Runtime version of Filemaker that still allows multi-user access.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        I suspect someone will figure out how to install FMPro12 on a Win8 tablet, so no need for Go (but making FM expensive as a Windows tablet app).


                        I'd love to watch someone try to do actual FM file development on a touchscreen tablet -- watch, not have to do it myself! 

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                          To mis-quote George Best: I used to do FM development exclusively on Windows PCs. Worst 20 minutes of my life.

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                            In my opinion, Surface is yet another Zune. Dead before it started. Why? Market is already saturated. I may sound biased, being a Mac/Apple fanatic, but I feel the same way about Apple trying to create a TV... why? It's like trying to sell religion to the Pope!

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                              Saturated?  The tablet market?  You are living in a very different reality than the rest of the country and/or the world.  The tablet market has JUST gotten off the ground.  For Windows users (yes, still the majority of the population), there is something very appealing to a tablet product that works just like their desktop and runs the same software as their desktop.  Whether it catches on depends on price and real-world stability and ease of use, but I wouldn't write it off yet.

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                                Well, Well, fmp does not give the same applike appearance as fm go. So i assise that of Surface is taking off, we will need go here, but not for any foreseable time.