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    pixel graphics .fp7


      Hi all,


      do you know any font which does display properly when scaled down to font sizes of 1 pixel?


      I do need that in order to create graphics within FMP.


      Example: here are two graphics, maps that I composed by text string calculations within FMP.


      The first one is a screenshot from FMP 7.

      dt 2012-06-21 at 09.03.36 .png

      The other one is from a higher version.

      dt 2012-06-21 at 09.02.15 .png


      Fixing the broken font display in FMP 7 led to an otherwise broken font display of 1 pixel fonts.


      Or is there any font which does show properly, that is without gaps between the letters?


      I tried both proportional and "fixed width" fonts in FMP, although fixed width seems to be yet another broken feature within FMP.

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          Wouldn't it be easier - much easier - to use a web viewer for this type of display?

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            No, the web layout would be even worse. Color was lost, line spacing was added. I did not check every possible web browser, but I doubt that others would be better. It could be easier to copy/paste the graphics to another program which does work properly. TextEdit does limit the character width to zero for 1 px fonts and works from 2 on properly. LibreOffice does accept 2 only as a minimum. All do add extra space between the lines, as does the web browser below:


            dt 2012-06-21 at 09.29.42 .png

            That's why I would prefer proper FMP behavior - or real, internal SVG support, instead of SVG via the web browser only.


            FMP12 yet again failed to offer improvements for graphics.


            If someone wants to have a look at the graphics raw data, I attached it as an .rtf file. Maybe you'll have to increase the font size to see anything at all...

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              I am afraid you misunderstood me: I meant use a chart engine to generate your graph within Filemaker's native web viewer object. Or, if you prefer, generate an SVG an show it in same.


              A web viewer is invariably either IE or Safari, so you don't need to test beyond that.

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                Ah, thanks, you named the internal web viewer. I've not seen or used that many convincing applications yet and did not use it myself.


                Those I saw did merge everything within a single field or record. Could I build the SVG across multiple records, since thousands of coordinates would form the map?


                There's hardly any docu from FileMaker and I've not seen any example files yet which looked suitable for my needs - although I just do need some simple lines, circles and dots here.


                I tested a simple example, which worked properly within the FMP web viewer, but lacked to display anything within Safari or Firefox. I'm not yet convinced by this SVG support, but I don't know that much about it either.

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                  traut wrote:


                  Could I build the SVG across multiple records, since thousands of coordinates would form the map?


                  it would probably be best to export the SVG (using export as XML with a suitable XSL stylesheet), then point the web viewer to the exported file. I don't suppose you need to refresh this very often, do you?


                  Under Mac OS X, the SVG format is supported very well. I don't know about Windows, but I'd guess that with the latest version of IE installed, it would work, too. Alternatively, you could try HTML 5, or (as I said earlier) an external chart engine such as Google Charts.

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                    Mike Duncan

                    I have a free example file that I posted recently that includes a demonstration of a Geo chart, using Google Charts, and displaying data from FileMaker. It looks like what you're trying to do, diplay a regional map and have data plotted on it.


                    Interactive Charts



                    Look at the Geo (Region) layout for a demo.


                    Hope this helps.



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                      I suppose the webviewer could draw this via CSS, with color and absolute positioning.