Commiting a record on field exit

Discussion created by chris.schmitz on Jun 21, 2012
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I'm designing a database for the iphone and I'm running into a behavioral problem.


Filemaker's typical behavior is "when you exit a field go to the next field in the tab order or circle back around to the first". This means the fields are always active until you click/tap out of the field or hit a built in save button.


That's fine for the computer, but when you're on a computer but when you're on a device as small as the iphone it makes commiting a record a pain. Your actual screen area when the keyboard is showing and a field is active is pretty small.


This is on top of the fact that it is not the expected behavior compared to other iOS apps. If you open up iCal or mail and type into a field, when you're finished and hit return it 'exits the record'. There is no next button.


So, I'm trying to emulate this behavior for a mobile database. I've tried an OnObjectExit script trigger with a commit at the end but after the commit it goes to the next record. I've also tried taking all fields out of the tab order, but it just means that you exit->commit->re-enter the field. I also don't want to put a button next to every field because that would be ridiculous.


Anyone have any other ideas??