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    Using TextStyleAdd in a dialog box


      Can anyone tell me if I'm writing this calculation wrong or if text formatting functions such as TextStyleAdd (...; Bold) don't work in custom dialog boxes....?

      So it's like this: I have a script which shows a Dialog Box if certain criteria are met. The dialog message calculation looks like this "There are no books for " & TextStyleAdd ( $$name ; Bold ) & " to check-in. Verify that you have selected the correct patron." Everything about this script runs and displays as it should EXCEPT the value $$name is not bold. I've tried creating a new field entirely--it is a calculation field which computes TextStyleAdd (Patrons::Full_name ; Bold ), which is the same value as $$name--and tried putting the field in place of the $$name. The field alone bolds correctly but when put in a dialog box all formatting is lost.

      Do dialog boxes simply not allow special formatting? Or have I somehow written the dialog message calculation wrong....?

      Any help please.


      I am using FM 11, Windows.