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Excel import or Filemaker conversion problem?

Question asked by MarkB on Jun 21, 2012
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Hi All,


I hate it when a client points out a problem I didn't see. I am importing student grades (as %) into FMP from an Excel file the client provides me. The grades are manually entered in Excel with 2 decimal place precision (##.##%). The FMP solution in turn produces a PDF transcript for all the students courses, with their %grade rounded to 1 decimal place precision. No big deal. However, one student had a grade of 91.15% and another grade of 94.15%. When rounded to 1 decimal place, the 91.15% showed as 91.1% while the 94.15% showed as 94.2% and the client wanted to know what kind of rounding was I doing. Since I need to know why strange things happen, I created a brand new Excel file with the 1st column set as a % and entered the 2 grades. I then created a brand new FMP file with only 1 number field. I then did a manual import from my Excel file into the FMP file and I noticed that in the import dialog window (below), FMP was showing the source field value as .91149999999998. After the import, the 94.15% came in correctly. So is the problem with how Excel stores that one value or is it a Filemaker problem with that one number, or is it something else - like how computers store real numbers as opposed to integers? I duplicated this in both FMP-11 and FMP-12. This is running on a Windows XP platform and from Excel 2003.


Regards, Mark


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