Best strategy for a custom map

Discussion created by bcd on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by mbraendle

Today I'm adding a custom map to my database. This has surely been done before so I'm

not trying to reimagine the obvious but ....


I already have multiple records for objects with real world coordinates.

I have a script to return the current Location of the user (ipad) ± 10m horizontally.


The solution should perform two distinct tasks:


  1. report those objects that are within a given proximity.
  2. display a portion of a map that is
    • either centered on the current location or
    • which contains the current location


Ideally I'll be able to pan/click/scroll through the map either by underlaying the full map

and viewing only a portion of it or perhaps by tiling the map and inserting tiles & crops

of tiles thusly:


Map Navigation.png


Does this all sound reasonable?

Is there a way to control the how fmg will crop the rectangular tiles?

Would the webviewer be more elegant & will it work offline?


Thanks for reading & your advice