Double Click to Quick Find

Discussion created by MattLeach on Jun 21, 2012

Ever since moving to v12 i have had an issue with searching and wanted to see if anyone else was having the issue.


The scenario is that i have multiple databases hosted on FMSA12 being accessed by Win 7 Pro machines running FMPA12. This only appears to happen when 2 databases are open at the same time (or windows).


Lets say i have DB1 and DB2 open. I have a 24 inch monitor so the databases are side by side. DB1 is the active window.


Im working in DB1 and i need to switch over to DB2 to find a record. I click on the window for DB2 to make it active, i then click in the quick find box at the top right and being to enter my criteria. Instead of being able to type, i am prompted with a window "Before typing, press Tab or click in a field, or choose the NEw Record menu command."


Now if i perform those same steps (click window to make active, click in search box) but before typing i click in the search box again (basically double clicking the box), i am then able to enter my search criteria.


This is on top of another issue that we have had with the search box which was acknowledged by FileMaker:


Wanted to see if this was an issue with anyone else before i reprted it.