Setting Flags for sub summaries

Discussion created by ChrisG on Jun 22, 2012
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Dear FMP Guru's


I want to set a flag for the purpose of sub summaries and charts. The field I want to flag is called department and contains values such as "activity", "transport", "food & beverage" etc.

I want to make a summary field which returns the number of activies or transport etc. The thing is, I don't want to use a calculation field such as "GetAsBoolean ( department = "activity" )" or any other variation of this because then the type of department would be hard coded and if the user adds another department, I would then have to create another calculation field and another summary field. All the data required for reporting is imported into a single table called "reports". There is also a settings table called "departments" where the user can add as many departments as required.

That's it. How do I summarise the number of "whatever" or "whatever" in the department field in a totally dynamic way?


Thank you.


Chris G