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    Progressive Backup Error


      Shortly after I set up progressive backups in FM Server Advanced 12 on one of my servers, I started getting the following error:



      2012-06-22 12:32:26.265 -0400 Error 799 OTSFTP01 Unable to apply changes from backup log "filewin:/D:/Progressive Backups/Changes_FMS/Interval_63475979246187000/filename88772215_6782.fxl". Progressive backup for database "filename" is disabled. (10705)


      A few seconds after that error is triggered, I get this error:





      I have two FM Server Advanced 12 servers with a total of 49 files averaging 2GB with 500GB available on the drive with the files and 1TB available on the drive with the backups and this is the only file getting an error. The file in the error is only 2MB, and, although the error states that the progressive backup for the file is disabled, I still see continuous backups in the expected location. This would not seem like much of a problem, except that the errors cause an email to be sent several times an hour. I've got hundreds so far.


      I have looked throughout FileMaker's site and numerous forums and found no example of Error 799 and/or error 808 related to the progressive backup.


      This file was served in FMS Advanced 11 with no problems. I understand that there weren't progressive backups then, but I'm baffled what the problem could be.





      2012-06-22 12:37:26.218 -0400 Error 808 OTSFTP01 Unable to read backup log. To free disk space, manually delete "filewin:/D:/Progressive Backups/Removed_by_FMS/filename88773613_6793.fxl". (10709)

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          It's been reported that this is a known issue with v1 of FMS12.  FMS is able to get past te error and resumes a proper progressive backup of the file, which is what you are seeing.

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            Thank you for the information!


            If this were your server, would you feel confident that there isn't anything genuinely wrong in this situation? If not, is there anything you would suggest I look for to ensure everything is working properly?


            Also, any suggestion how to avoid the excessively large number of error emails from the server? I obviously do not want to turn off the email alerts, but I'm afraid I'll miss a genuine error message if I start ignoring these.

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              The only thing you can do is check the validity of the backup: restore a progressive backup to another machine and see if FM reports any problems with it.  Also keep a good regime of regular backups.


              error emails: you could disable the FM built-in emailing for now and set up an independent event log monitoring service. There are a couple of good free ones for Windows.  You should be able to configure those to report back just the errors and warnings you want.