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    IWP and IIS not communicating


      Running IIS on Windows 2008 Server, Filemaker 12 Server Advanced.


      I set up IIS using the defaults.


      Installed FMSA, uploaded a database that works in IWP. (Tested on a Mac server.)


      When I browse to the url, I get the IIS default home page.


      How do I get IIS to point to the Filemaker pages?


      Then documentation is really weak here...


      thanks, Jim Hoyt

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          Jim --


          I just went through this a couple of weeks ago when upgrading a client from FMS11 to FMS12.  They use a name for the URL "http://solution.company.com" to access the IWP engine, and after the upgrade, IIS did indeed only return the IIS home page.  Using the URL with IP worked fine ""  so I'd first check that the long version of the URL is working.


          I made two changes in IIS and got things working, but I'm not sure if this is the 'approved' way of doing this, it was sufficient for my needs.


          1) Set the IIS default web folder to D:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\web publishing\IWP\

          2) added iwp_home.html as a default home page option and placed it above the other options (index.htm, home.htm, index.asp, etc.)


          Hope this Helps,

          Drew Tenenholz

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            I'd have to say it's not really a FM documentation issue.  FM can't document how to configure the default directory of every web server out there.  If, in fact, you want the IWP page to display as the root of that domain, Drew's answer is exactly what needs done.  Otherwise you'll have to provide the full path (and, if your base web content resides in another folder, you'll have to first create an alias to the IWP folder).

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              Hi Jim,


              Here's the answer:


              • You want the webserver to point directly to your FileMaker solution, so that when somebody write www.yourdomain.com thet get your IWP solution.
              • The problem is that your webserver by default will probably use www.yourdomain.com/index.htm or index.html


              The solution is simple.

              1. Go to the IWP startpage
              2. Your solution should be listed there, probably together with the FileMaker test file.
              3. Copy the URL of your page and store it somewhere.
              4. Create html page with a redirect in the header, probably after 0 seconds, so that it will not be seen.
              5. Let the redirect URL be the URL to your FileMaker IWP page.
              6. Replace the original index.htm/html page with your new redirect page.


              Thats it!


              You can use/modify this html for your redirect page:


              <!DOCTYPE html>



              <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=http://www.w3schools.com" />





              <h1>You can delete this or write another header</h1>


              Here you can have some text or whatever. But you could also have nothing:-)



              You can delete the text put between <body>xxx</body> but if you want to show something before going to your filemaker iwp solution, you should write it here. And then you should put something higher than 0 [seconds] before the url.


              The URL to your IWP solution looks something like this: http://fwww.yourdomaincom/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=filename&-loadframes

              The address to our temporary page to join our seminars are: http://fms03.filemakercenter.dk/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=codeokursustilmelding&-loadframes


              Your next question may very well be: How do I avoid people ending up on the FileMaker IWP page, when they exit my IWP solutioin?

              If this is the case, I or somebody else will be ready for you.