FMP 12 Odd Screen Behaviour - Feels Rather Insectoid

Discussion created by StephenWonfor on Jun 22, 2012
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I think I posted somethng about this before but I am unable to recall the terms I used and searching has revealed nothing.


FMA12 OSX 10.7 working on a remotely hosted database. Run a simple print script. Or rather tried to - clicked the button. It stayed clicked. Nothing happened.


The aftermath:


1. None of the fields are accesible - can not click into any of them.

2. Buttons that are formatted to change shading when pressed work. But none of the buttons do anything.

3. I can open scripteditor, can create a new script but cannot add any script steps. Clicking adds nothing to the script body. If Iisave the script, I can, and reopen it all the things I clicked are there now. None of the scripts will run from "Manage Scripts".

4. I can manage database - add fields, change schema etc.

5. Nothing in the script debugger.

6. I can get into layout mode but cannot access any of the objects. I note that the "Records" menu is still showing - all other menus seem normal. Thud I cannot duplicate a layout.There are NO custom menus.

7. I can not quit Filemaker.

8. I can create new windows but they are all as dead as the original.


The script went like this:


UserAbort off

New window

GTRR to details table

Enter Preview Mode(pause)

Close window


So - script is still running but debugger is broken. Or debugger is not broken but something else is.