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Pod Pro Database: POD Trading (Sport Arbitrage)

Question asked by itraining on Jun 23, 2012
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G'day from Australia



I learned two new terms this week: Sport Arbitrage and its rebranded name POD Trading. POD is an acronym for Positively Offsetting Discrepancies. I got a cold call from a company called LTC Services ( and sat through a webinar of POD Trading, using their Pod Pro database which looks like a FileMaker Pro database, albeit runtime version. LTC Services sell this POD Trading database in three different packages, ranging from $18,500 to $29,900 $AUD.


Researching the Pod Pro database and LTC Services on the Internet revealed positive and negative stories about the database, its data accuracy and the company itself. I have included this information in the YouTube video, where you can view the database interface:



(a) Any suggestions why the company is adamant Pod Pro only runs on Windows? Upon questioning, they repeated it does not run on Mac OS X (yet).

(b) The database was probably developed in-house but if by chance it was developed externally, does anybody know the developer? I am interested in buying a copy but hopefully cheaper than $18.5K.

(c) Has anybody built a competing/equivalent product that is for sale?


Thanks in advance.



Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)