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How to add a new line/record onto a portal table

Question asked by ziceg on Jun 23, 2012
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I have a window (Consignment) with a portal with a table (PartNos) that has hundreds of lines, how can I create a new line in that table without having to scroll down to last line. If I put a "plus" icon to create a new line and set it up as a button, what exactly do I need to tell the script to do? Because if I just say "New Record/Request" it will create a new record in the main window's table (Consignment) as opposed to the portal table (PartNos). What am I doing wrong?


I read somewhere else another option that could be useful for my case, but not sure how to achive this.... "

* new "blank" records can be made to appear at the top of the portal, instead of at the bottom (useful if there are more related record than the portal can display in its window and/or if the related records are sorted in

descending chronological order)"