Skype from WITHIN FileMaker Go - Question 2

Discussion created by CarstenLevin on Jun 24, 2012

Send URL with this scriptstep

"skype:" & Contacts_Call_Anchor::Skype & "?call"

Where "Contacts_Call_Anchor::Skype" is the skype adress is working fine ... leaving FileMaker and opening Skype.


It will open Skype ready to call the adress given by the Skype field.


It is FileMaker Go 12 on iPad.


BUT here are my next questions:


  1. Is it possible to skype from within FileMaker - withouht leaving FileMaker.
  2. It does not have to be skype. Any better suggestions. It is also OK if it is only possible to call ordinary telephones (mobile and old world telephones, you know, those wired things).


The most important issue is: Simplicity, no strange dialoges etc. etc.


I is a system build to be used by people who have suffered strokes or other situations giving problems with memory (memory leaks?). Therefore it has to be very very simple to use, and going into another App with its own UI is not ideal.


Best regards