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    Relational Value Lists


      Hi everyone,

      I am working on a database that is using relational value lists. The list pulls from data in a field based on a table relationship.


      A simple example of one:

      Table A

      - company

      - staff member


      Table B

      - company

      - staff member (value list from table A)

      - in process defect code


      The tables are linked by company and in table B my list of staff members changes based on my company selection. The problem I am having is that the value list auto-fills the first member of the list once I pick the company. How do I make the value list field remain blank until a user actually makes a selection?


      Many thanks!



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          Hello, Michelle.


          From your description, I don't think the problem is the value list itself. I think you're using a related field for Table B. When the Company field is populated, it's reflecting the first matching value in Table B because it's showing the field from Table B instead of the field in the current table, which is (I think) what you want. If you have an appropriate field in the current table (say, "Staff Member"), then you should be able to attach your value list to it and it won't populate until the user inputs a value.




          From a relational standpoint, I would have to ask: Do you want to duplicate the data from Tables A and B into the current record? Because there are likely better ways to model this.





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            Thank you so much. I’m very “green” when it comes to database setup - Your feedback was very helpful. I was using the wrong field on my layout – a simple change made everything work great!


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