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    A so called "Business Intelligence"


      With regards to a financial monitoring, is't possible for a FileMaker 10 to give a report to the admin what certificates were printed on that day? How many certificates were printed and paid? Each type of certificates has a correspnding amount. I really need that kind of report if FileMaker can do that. Others called it "business intelligence". Thank you in advance, your suggestions and help are highly appreciated.

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          If you script the printing of the certificates, you can keep track of how many were printed. You can jot down a date, the name of the certificate and perhaps even more info in a logging table. Then you can generate reports from there.


          Same goes for paying. You just need to add this to your process.


          Hope this helps.


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            ... basically FileMaker can do anything you tell it to... ... well almost true...


            Louie, think of a script as just a series of instructions to FileMaker... then break down your process into steps and perform them in a logical sequence.

            You may have to build new bits as you go.

            It looks like you should have a relationship between Certificates table and a Print-Log table. If you relate the two by using the Certificate ID and an empty field in the Print-Log table for Certificate ID then when you create a new related record, the Certificate ID will be auto-entered into the Print-Log::Certificate ID field. New records in the Print-Log table can have a date field which auto-enters the current date. If the price of the certificate is standard, you can also auto-enter the unit price and a quantity field can auto enter 1 default quantity of 1. An additional field can then calculate Qty x Price to get a total. Potentially, therefore, the only detail you might have to enter would be the name of the buyer in a portal for Print-Log to create the initial related record and all the other basic information would be auto entered. If more than one certificate is purchased then when the Qty changes, the calculation would update to give a new total. A Summary field in the Print-Log table can give you the total quantity and another can give you the total price. Depending on where or how you deploy this, you can get sub-totals and grand-totals etc.


            I have not addressed the issue of Certificate Type and therefore associated price above... but this is just another layer of detail for the above. You could be classifying the Certificate Type in the Certificates table and you might have a Prices table where type a price price are stored. It may be that you when you create the new record the price is auto-looked up from this table into the Print-Log table's Price field.


            There are many ways to do all of this... depending on the specific needs of your organisation and the 'if's and but's' of your circumstances. You may have several different types of printout you can purchase for each certificate or it could be that each certificate can only be printed as one type. This seemingly simple difference makes a big difference to the way in which you might structure your database. Think about all the issues and try to plan the steps in a logical sequence... perhaps without FileMaker first.




            - Lyndsay

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