Distributors that are also Customers - Best structure

Discussion created by jmsinnz on Jun 25, 2012
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I'll be as concise as I can, while seeking help to understand what the best table structure is for this scenario.


  • Distributors sell my product, and so do I. I am a Distributor.
  • Some distributors ask me to send the product to the end Customer, but they invoice them, and I bill the Distributor periodically
  • Some distributors ask me to send product and bill the Customer. Then I pay them a commission.
  • Some distributors buy product from me and handle their own sales.



  • One Distributor can have Many Customers
  • A Customer can belong to only One Distributor, but doesn’t have too.
  • A Customer can be a Distributor, but may not be


How can I use the Customer file to note all the contact details of Distributors?

EG Flag them with a Distributor Code (T/F) in order to get the REPORTS I need - primarily "Sales by distributor"


I am enoying coming back to FileMaker after a few years absence, but having been a long-time developer (of modest applications) since 1985.

Your help would be gratefully received :-)




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