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    Print from iMac OS X 10.6 to Oki ML420 9-pin dot matrix


      Client uses obsolete DOS-based app (ProfessionalFile) on old Windows XP machine. Prints 2-part checks on dot matrix printer. The Oki ML420 was purchased as a new replacement 2-3 mos. ago. Rebuilt the ProfessionalFile database using FileMaker Pro 11 and loaded on iMac with OS x 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Oki provides drivers for DOS, Windows, NT, and Linux, but not Mac. OS X ships with a CUPS driver for Oki 9-pin printer.


      The check formats correctly in Preview, and prints correctly on HP OfficeJet. When I try to print to Oki, I get a single line resembling a bar code, and the printer appears to seize up from buffer overflow - no error, so that's a guess. The printer will repeat the action from the iMac, but requires power-cycle before it will print from the PC.

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          I have been printing to an OKI 370 dot matrix printer using FM 10 and Snow Leopard.

          using a Jetdirect box


          I use the following settings:

          IP printing

          Protocol HP Jetdirect socket

          Adres <IP adress>

          Print using <select printersoftware> -> Epson 24-pin Series


          I have put the Oki in Epson emulation mode and use a layout with a Verdana font to print to that printer.

          works although slow :-)


          Hope that helps,


          Ruben van den Boogaard

          Infomatics Software


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            I think my client would be willing to live with slower printing, if I can make this work out.  The Oki 320 they replaced with this machine was painfully slow and I don't know how many years they lived with it.


            I presume the Jetdirect server is a necessary piece of this equation.  I presently have the printer connected parallel on a PC, because the DOS-based app they're using only supports LPTn ports.  I have ability to connect to a Linksys router, which I have setup in bridge mode, via Ethernet, or a Time Capsule via USB.  I'll have to shop for a Jetdirect box if it's a must.


            I may have to wait until the office is shut down for the weekend before I'm able to implement this, but I'll let you know how it turns out.


            Thanks for your input!



            Bob Champion, MCSE, CCNA

            Junction, Texas