Revenue Forecasting

Discussion created by jormond Expert on Jun 26, 2012
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I'm in the process of looking for some new ideas to replace our current Sales Board and revenue forecasting model...and figured this would be a good place to gather ideas.


The basic premise of what I am doing:

  • Signed contracts will be entered with Start/End dates.
  • Records in a separate table for invoice line items will be generated. 1 Record for each line item, for each period of billing ( 1x per billing period )
  • Multiple markets all entered into the same solution.
  • Some products are billed monthly, some billed every 4 weeks ( and no that is not the same thing ).
  • Forecasts need to be generated by Market and by Product and by Month...for the next 12-24 months.
  • Some items are pre-billed ( example: billed in July but revenue is recognized for actual revenue period, possibly Aug or Sept etc. )
  • Expiring contracts are forecasted to renew at the current rate.


I know there is a lot there, but I'm not as much looking for an answer as I am the ensuing discussion. In the end, I'm sure we will move in a direction that will combine the many ideas that come from the discussion. And there will likely be some techniques that come up that I may need some tips on implementing.


Thanks Everyone for your input!!!