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Autosizing and FileMaker Go iPad layout best practices

Question asked by tcfitzgerald on Jun 26, 2012
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I am researching developing layouts in FileMkaer for the iPad and was wondering if anyone had best practices or advice on a few topics.


I have looked through the starter solutions that come with FileMaker Pro 12 and it seems that the iPad solutions all use one basic technique for dealing with rotation in their main list views. There is one item anchored to the left and right and all of the other items are anchored to the right. This allows the first item to stay in place while the others adjust themselves according to the orientation of the iPad.


I've also seen some solutions that involve "sliding" out of panels or hidden content. This method is used here in the training file located here:


I was wondering if anyone had any other tips or tricks that they use for iPad layout design.


Is it possible to have more than one item in a horizontal list that is anchored to both sides allowing for growth without introducing overlap?