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    how can i show notifications?


      I want to be able to show how many records have a client reps name in it and be displayed/updated as the user works. This could be updated with a script trigger that simply preforms the script every time the user changes records.

      How can I obtain this as a notification. I can figure it out as a tooltip but not as a visible number. I can graphically create the appearance of an icon with a number once I get this script working.

      I am using FP12 Pro and this is 2 tables attached as a relationship by the client ID.



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          If you have a calculation which works as a tooltip in the given context, then it should also work in a calculation field which you can place on the layout. Or am I missing something?

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            Stephen Huston

            And the same calculation result could be set with a $$globalVariable that's set via a script trigger OnRecordLoad, using the same calculation you have in the tooltip. That would update every time a record loads, and give it to you the screen via the merged-variable without requiring a new field in the system.

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              I had something similar (or so I thought) in a tooltip but it apparantly is quite different. Now I am stuck in trying to create a formula/script. This is what I have:

              layout a - our team will enter team names into a field and currently the team member goes to layout a and searches the field for there name

              What I want is when they are in a different table (layout b) that is connected by a relationship is for a calculation/script to find out how many records have the team names, based upon each username and display the number.

              Any suggestions?


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                Stephen Huston

                Several ideas might work depending on the details of your setup:

                1. If there is a relationship which is filtered by the various names, you could use the Count (relatedTable::nameField) to return the number of records.
                2. In 12 you could also use the new SQL query function; there is info in the Help file on setting that up.
                3. You could also use the PatternCount function on a List function for the desired name across a relationship if the relationship is not filtered by the names.