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Odd Behavior w/ Sub-Summary Parts

Question asked by ByteTheBullet on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by ByteTheBullet

I have a database that was converted from .fp7. One layout consists of a number of subsummary parts, all based on different sort orders. In FileMaker 11, the layout works well, showing the various reports based on sort order as expected. After conversion, the same layout in FileMaker 12 is behaving strangely- viewing the layout in Browse mode under *some* sort orders shows a plain gray "part" of various thicknesses above the sub-summary parts. There are nine sub-summary parts in total, and seven of them show this behavior. All of the sub-summary parts are of equal height, and all of the labels and fields are fully contained within the sub-summary part that they are supposed to be. If I enter Preview mode, the gray bars disappear. I've included a screen shot as an example.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? And does anyone have any suggestions for fixing it?