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    Odd Behavior w/ Sub-Summary Parts


      I have a database that was converted from .fp7. One layout consists of a number of subsummary parts, all based on different sort orders. In FileMaker 11, the layout works well, showing the various reports based on sort order as expected. After conversion, the same layout in FileMaker 12 is behaving strangely- viewing the layout in Browse mode under *some* sort orders shows a plain gray "part" of various thicknesses above the sub-summary parts. There are nine sub-summary parts in total, and seven of them show this behavior. All of the sub-summary parts are of equal height, and all of the labels and fields are fully contained within the sub-summary part that they are supposed to be. If I enter Preview mode, the gray bars disappear. I've included a screen shot as an example.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior? And does anyone have any suggestions for fixing it?

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          Stephen Huston

          It's hard to tell what is going on without seeing the layout mode view, but one thing is known to happen in FMP12 conversions from FP7 files which may cause list view and sub summary part reports to go wonky:


          The conversion to FMP12 is known to increase the size of some layout objects or change their positions by a pixel. This probably has to do with the change of measurement systems from Pixels to Points when converting. Go in and carefully test and resize your objects and parts on that layout to be sure existing objects are still fully contained in the correct parts. Some items which were allowed to verlap part areas in FP7 files do not work when aligned the same way in FMP12 files.


          Do a careful cleanup of each object position and part size, and it may fix it for you. Avoid overlaps of objects to aprt boundaries in 12 which may have been fine in FP7 files.

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            The first thing I checked was to make sure all objects are in one and only one part. I have the objects close to the center of each subsummary part, with well more than one pixel between the objects' outer edges and any part boundaries. I've tried re-ordering the sub-summary parts. I've tried making the subsummary parts *far* bigger than necessary to contain the objects within them. All without solving the issue.One thing I did just notice is that the thickness of the gray bar depends on the summary value for the first record in each sort. So, using the screen shot I attached in my original post, you see that for 2002, the sum of items received was 4. If that total were less, the gray bar shown would be narrower, and would disappear altogether if the sum of items received was 1 (or 0). If the sum was higher, the gray bar would be thicker. Again, this only appears in Browse mode, not in Preview mode.

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              Stephen Huston

              Is there any BODY part on the layout? If so, can it be removed? That might be what is appearing in grey in the list view.

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                Nope, no Body part. Just a header, a bunch of sub-summary parts, and a trailing grand summary part.

                I have a feeling that I'm just going to have to recreate the layout in 12, and then delete the layout that was migrated from 11.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  Rebuilding's probably the fastest fix, but it would be nice to figure out what the layout part is that's displaying the grey area. Just to know...

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                    I agree, though based on the color and format, I don't know if it's actually a part. I wonder if migrating a layout with no Body part is the culprit, that maybe the converion algorythm in FM12 has a bug in this specific case...

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                      This just keeps getting stranger and stranger.
                      I created a new layout based on the same table as the problem layout.
                      In this new layout, I created a number of sub-summary parts, all based on different sort fields.
                      In browse mode, *all* sub-summary parts are visible, regardless of sort order. If I sort the records based on any of the sort fields used by the subsummary parts, that particular subsummary part will display the correct sum for the current record, but all others show the total of all records. If I switch to Preview mode, I see *only* the subsummary part that is based on the current sort field.


                      WTH is going on here?!?

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                        Stephen Huston

                        It sounds like the field results you are displaying may already be calculations rather than simple sums. Check the fields to be sure you displaying simple Sum results, not calculated results.

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                          There are not calculation fields, they are summary fields. In fact, it's the same summary field in all of the subsummary parts, which is just a simple count of a "counter" field.

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                            Stephen Huston

                            It's hard to imagine a sub-sum part which is properly sorted and  displaying a local (not related) summary field which is failing to show the sum for that sorting group.


                            Related summary fields can cause weird results, and calcs can as well since they are rarely set to calculate based on a sorting order, but local plain-vanilla summary fields should break by the sub-group when the records are sorted by the field indicated for the part, assuming they are all completely within the sub-summary layout part. Also check that it is not a running total in the field def.


                            Can you post a sample file showing this problem?

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                              I ended up deleting the layout that was demonstrating this issue. The issues I was having caused me to rethink a few things as far as how the solution is designed, so I've been busy making those changes. Now, the only problem I'm still seeing is the original issue- gray bars appearing on my report, with thicknesses depending on how many records are summarized for the first summation. And these bars appear *only* in browse mode, when the records are sorted by whichever order the various subsummary parts use. Once I switch to Preview mode, the bars disappear.