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    Is Filemaker Pro 12 Retina ready?




      I am trying to simulate how my solutions will look like on a Mac Book Pro Retina using Quartz Debug os OS X 10.6.8. I set the UI resolution to 2x 144 dpi. Although some parts of FileMaker look fine (Menus and toolbars) under this setup the layout rendering looks very blurry. Presentation looks blurry too.


      Is there a way to simulate what a MacBook Pro Retina user will see in FM 12 using another machine ? Even if it's bigger?

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          Stephen Huston

          I would expect tings to appear sharper rather than blurrier on a Retina display. I think we have to have some actually load an FMP12 file on a new Retina Mac to find out.


          Anyone near an Apple store? They usually have the lastest FM version loaded on demo Macs, so it should be easy to test. And they're usually nice about letting you  use a flash drive to save a captured screenshot...

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            I was expecting the same thing. However, it seems FileMaker is using a proprietary engine to show the rendering of layouts. The rendering might me multi platform and no retina aware.

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              It is my understanding that many of the changes for the rendering was moving in a direction to accommodate various resolutoins seemlessly ( pixel vs point being one indication ).


              On the desktop...not sure.  Seems like the changes they have made accommodate that...but haven't actually seen it with my own eyes. One thing I do know, higher resolution can make buttons and other graphics look cheesy or dated if they get scaled out too much.  So make sure you are using higher resolution buttons/graphics.

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                Google a little bit about details:

                You can use Quarz Debug app from Apple (included with Xcode if I remember correctly) to enable Hi DPI modes for your Mac.

                And you can see how well Filemaker supports it by adding an info.plist entry to tell OS that it would support Retine mode.


                I tested my apps this way on a Cinema Display. Works well.



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                  I seriously doubt Filemaker Pro 12 is Retina Display ready.


                  Apple seriously changed the way things are rendered for a Retina Display.  Essentially, each graphic object can be independently rendered at different resolutions on a Retina Display.  For example, pixel-based objects can be rendered at full Retina Display resolution so that a high-definition video can take up 1/4 of the screen at full resolution, while the text objects can be rendered larger so they won't be so tiny like the high-definition video.  This is very different from previous rendering models where every object in the whole screen is rendered at a fixed resolution.


                  If anything, I hope this spurs Filemaker to come out with their latest upgrade to Filemaker Pro 12 as soon as possible so that the existing bugs - such as list view rendering slowness - can be fixed.

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                    Stephen Huston

                    So... has anyone actually run FM12 on a Mac Retina yet?

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                      marianco - this was one of the reasons for the change from pixels to points...To allow for this display conversion.


                      To quote from the help files and kb article 10785:

                      FileMaker, Inc. wrote:


                      Pixels versus Points

                      FileMaker Pro now manages layouts and layout objects using points instead of pixels. On most computer screens, 1 point equals 1 pixel. However, on some high-resolution displays (such as the Retina display on the iPhone), FileMaker Pro manages the display conversion to ensure proper screen rendering. By default, layout objects can be moved in 1-point increments. The Inspector can be used to place layout objects and parts at intermediate values for precise sizing and placement of printed output.


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                        Well, that's exactly what I did and I did not get the results I was expecting. At least not in Snow Leopard.


                        I opened Quartz Debug version 4.0 and set UI Resolution to 2.0, that would be the double of what I am seeing. This would be the equivalent to HiDPi.


                        I took a screenshot and I placed it above (you can download it, Content management.png) and the layouts look blurry. The menus and toolbar look crisp though.


                        Could you upload a screenshot of what you see on your Mac?

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                          Stephen Huston

                          Simulating something with a setting is not the same as the real thing. They aren't equivalent. We still need to hear from someone who has actually used FMP12 on a new Retina Mac.

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                            I just got my new rMBP a few hours ago and I can share some info. The text is a blurry under the best retina (1440x900) however if you put the resolution up to 1900x1200 the text is smoother.


                            All the elements that use the operating systems are very sharp (drop down lists, drop down calendar etc.)


                            I also think the CSS elements in FileMaker 12 are a little blurry as well. This is just a quick run down. I attached a screen shot of a FM12 starter solution, I'm not sure if the screen shot will look the same on a non retina display.

                            Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 7.35.39 PM.png

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                              Thank you so much! The screenshot is perfect.


                              The layout rendering is blurry. Exactly as the simulation using Quartz Debug. This is awful!


                              It seems FM12 is not aware of the Retina Display at all. Most of the FM interface is rendered by the OS and it seems more Retina compatible, but the layout rendering looks terrible.


                              I wonder if FM 12 layout speed rendering issues would get worse if FM Inc. makes FM 12 retina aware.


                              I am also wondering if FM is really an Apple subsidiary, it seems like they are completely disconnected.

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                                Stephen Huston

                                Apple-owned, but it's those friggin' Chinese Walls thingies that such corporation structures have to do for legal reasons which keep each other in the dark just as if they didn't know each other. So now FMInc has to play catchup just like everyone else who develops for Apple hardware.

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                                  Honestly, I think it is supposed to be Retina-aware...but there is a bug in the 'conversion' that FM is doing.  Same bug that presents itself between the various zoom levels. lol

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                                    Stephen Huston

                                    I love it! It's retina-ready but has a bug so it doesn't work with retina Macs...

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