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    Filemaker 12 crashes 3 out of 10 times that I run a script to search records.


      I converted a filemaker 5.5 solution that had about 20 different databases to Filemaker 11 by choosing the main file converting it and then importing the other tables into it along with scripts and copy pasting layouts in and renaming fields on the layout.


      Remarkably everything functions and the solution is up and running . However users are experiencing multiple filemaker crashes during the day while randomly doing different functions. However most functions work fine most of the time and I cannot determine what causes a crash . The one time I could crash the system every time I ran a particular script I was able to determine that one layout appeared to be the cause and I replaced it with a new layout and solved the problem.


      I took a backup copy of the database and ran filemakers recovery on it and found no errors in it at all.


      Im out of ideas and my clients are getting increasingly upset.


      Im running filemaker server 12 and the clients are filemaker 12 advanced . (site licence) all PC's


      Help !!

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          Help can't be provided without more information. You should invest more time to find out what items (functions, layouts, etc.) are involved when FileMaker crashes.


          Recover not reporting an error is no guarantee that all elements as such are error free.


          I would suspect a layout element to be the cause. To test this go to one layout after the other to see it shows OK. Next test all scripts (on a copy) whether one crashes.


          Further check for plug-ins in the old version and whether they have a compatible equivalent in the converted solution.


          Have you made a clone and re-imported the data?


          You might want to show the suspected script.