Portal issue - need suggestion

Discussion created by alagu123 on Jun 26, 2012
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I have a portal. In the portal, first field called myField. Values coming from Valuelists to myField. the seond and third fields are calculation fields. So when I choose the first field (myField), it need to show the second and third field values based on the calculations.


It is working fine and it gives the values. But, for first field (myField), it gives the values after I make one space in the field. So I made script trigger like below when myField is empty, but I feel this ugly functionality. Is there any other way to solve this space problem?


I mean, If I click the firstfield (myField) it need to show the second and third values in the same portal without make one space





SetField[Table1_for_Table2::myField;" "]

Go to Field[Table1_for_Table2::myField]

End If


Thanks in Advance !