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Inconsistent behaviour with containers in FM12

Question asked by k-meson on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I am in the process of converting a database from FM11 to 12 which contains object embeded items in container fields. The system basically takes a copy of a PDF letter that is created and posts it into the container as part of the process of sending a letter out to customers. There are legal reasons why this needs to be a PDF copy rather than nsimply a record that can reprint the letter.


So of course I am having to update my scripts to change the insert object to insert PDF or Insert File. However I am having some dfficulty with making this work consistently, and have tried to set up external data storage for a new container with again very variable results. These are the issues I am getting:

  • Existing embedded files in the old container open in Acrobat Reader/Word etc. when I double click which is the action I want to replicate
  • If I insert a new file into the same container it sometimes allows me to double click it and sometimes it does not? This is using the insert file option either in a script or on the layout with RHMB.
  • The new container is set as interactive and to use external storage. Insert PDF into this container from RHMB displays the PDF in interactive mode but DOES NOT put it in external storage.
  • If I insert file into this new container it does put it into external storage but does not allow me to open the file with a double click and does not view the content interactiveley.
  • If I change the filed type to non interactive and insert file it puts it into external storage but again does not allow double click opening.


The main question I have is why does it work sometimes and not others (with exactly the same file)? Are there any definitive notes that will give me the details I need to script my document insertion (preferably into external store) and consistently be able to open it from the stored document without having to export the contents to a file first?


To me it seems as though FileMaker have taken away a useful feature with the object embedding functionality and have not adequateley replaced it with the interactive container capability, which is also limiting as you again cannot opt to open the file in it's native application instead of viewing it in a filemaker container object on the layout (which means it has to be a large object on screen to have any real use).


Anyone agree with this or think I have missed something? Anyone have any advice re: how to get consistent behaviour from containers?


Many Thanks


John Wilson