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    Save as PDF defaults to persistent filename


      In FM 11 on Mac OS - whenever I use Print > Save As PDF, the dialog box generated auto inserts a file name for the new PDF document. This name that isinserted is one used many months ago. I can manually change the name to be used in saving the new pdf file and it will save with the new name that was manually entered. However, the next time this process is run, the old name from month's ago will again appear by default in the dialog box. Any ideas on why this is happending and how I can stop it?




      Mike Ainsworth

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          Stephen Huston

          My memory of this is that the FM native pull-down menu for saving PDFs defaults to the first file name used for the file, and this remains the default behavior.


          You can script the saving of the PDF to use a name set via a Custom Dialog Box (captured to a $variable in the script) of via a derived name based on data in the record (also set to a $variable). Then you can either rurn the script instead of using the original pull-down menu, or even use a Custom Menu ot replace the default behavior with your new script.


          I use these all the time to save things like invoices to a PDF file auto-names with the Invoice number in the file name.


          Trying to change the default file name in the standard dialog can be done with some work, but it just creates a new default that then appears everytime from then on, so it's not really a solution to the basic problem.

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            Hello Mike,


            Please see the knowledge base article here



            In FileMaker 10 FileMaker introduced a way to get around this (mentioned briefly and incompletely at the end of that KB article).

            Use the File > Recover > Advanced Options, and only select the "Delete cached settings (page setup, sort order, etc.)" check box.


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              Thanks for the help on this.  I appreciate your time and advice.



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                Stephen Huston

                The information Beatrice provided is what I was refering to previously -- it creates a new default file name, but that will then be the default visible from then on. To have a dynamic name, you need to use variables and script the naming of the PDF, or you can let the user make changes they want starting with the default name. You can't present the file-name dialog to the user without the default name appearing.