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    Cannot share since running FMP 12 demo


      I installed the FMP 12 file... ran it until my 30 expired. Removed FMP 12 ( by moving the FMP 12 to trash can and deleting.). Since then, I am unable to share any of my FMPA 11 files- getting the message 'cannot share because another user running another instance of sharing on a file maker application. Any suggestions.


      Running MAC OS X 10.7 on intel based mac mini. Not networked (home computer).



      Thank You,


      Tim Griffith

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          Stephen Huston

          It sounds more like you had FM Server 12 installed, rather than just FMPro. If that is true, you need to use the FMS12 installer to Uninstall Server 12. Trashing the files won't stop a system-service process. You have to actually run the uninstaller to get the hidden service files out of the system.


          If you didn't have FM Server installed, it might be worth trying the use the FMPro installer to uninstall FMP12 itself. I have not seen this with Pro, even with file sharing on, but FM12 is a whole new ballgame, so who knows.

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            This sounds like it might address a sharing issue I've been having. I partially installed Server trial by mistake, thinking I was installing 12 Advanced (which I've since bought (via download). Now I can't share anything!


            I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 on Macbook Pro and don't know how to uninstall the Server trial?

            My search for help with this resulted in:


            Mac OS
            To uninstall a multiple-machine deployment, uninstall the worker machines first.
            To uninstall FileMaker Server:

            1. Insert the CD into the drive or follow your electronic download instructions.

            But I don't have a CD  :-(

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              Stephen Huston

              The Server installer package has an Uninstall option in the Custom setup. You really need to run that Uninstall to clear out the Server code from the system. Use the same installer you used to "partially" install server, but select Custom > Uninstall.

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                Thanks again Stephen - you've done it again!  :-)

                All resolved and now sharing files from my laptop to the iPad beautifully - what a relief to see that Sharing is not possible message NOT come up!

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                  Thank you for the replies... the thing is, I did not run the server install package- I ran the Filemaker Pro package installer (not even the advanced package) and I still get "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer."- I'm the only user and this occurs beginning with the first file I open and the subsequent files that open.

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                    Tim may have demoed a reply,


                    Do you have both FMP11 and 12 installed, and running?


                    All versions of FMP use port 5003 to communicate for sharing. If you have FMP 11 running and then launch FMP 12 then FMP 12 will always error on file sharing because FMP 11 already has the port bound to it. Same thing will happen if FMS (any version) is running.


                    I suggest checking to see if any FM apps are running (Activity Monitor on Mac. Be sure to set it to show all owners, not just Current User).

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                      Stephen Huston

                      Ch0c0halic's post is right on target. Other issues that cause this invisibly are if you have an version fo FM set to auto-start on startup. And if you have quit or expecially forced-quit an FM App to be sure you computer has been restarted afterward.


                      Also, have you uninstalled Pro12?

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                        Yes I have uninstalled FMP 12 after demo expired- I uninstalled the cave man way- I simply dragged the FMP12 folder to the trash- I did not run an uninstall program. I do not have FMP files that start with computer boot up. I have some files configued as 'Sharing' but 'no users' in each. Is there a file from the FMP 12 installation left over from my cave man removal of FMP12 that I might be able to remove?

                        Reformating my computer breaks my rule of doing little as possible and leaving well enough alone (plus it interfers with happy hour!)

                        STATS: Running FMPA 11.v4 on Lion 10.7.4- no networking, WI FI access, afew plug ins ( 2empowerFM and 2empowerFM Text_toolkit, Base Elememnts, FMNexWeb,MBS,shell,Simple Highlight, Theme Studio and zippscript) latest Mac Mini with Dual pocessors intel core i5, 4 GB ram, an awsome wicked mix of Rumpleminz and Jaegermeister (yet my eyes are not crossing yet!). Other than taking my clothes off (it's still 100 degress in St. Louis), I don't know what to do next.



                        Melting in St. Louis

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                          Stephen Huston

                          It's conceivable that FM11 is simply reporting warnings that were not given in previous versions. I reported something similar with FMPAdv11 shortly after it was released, where it gave me a license conflict with myself but claimed I was a web browser user. It turned out the FMP11 conflict catcher had just been too sensitive to things previous versions may have ignored.


                          It's possible that if you have a file open in Pro11 which is set to allow network access, that opening another network-enabled file as well is triggering this warning, in which case that message is probably as meaningless as the user-conflict warnings I got 2 years ago in 11.


                          I would still run the FMP12 Installer and select Uninstall as the custom option to see if that can remove any other bits that shouldn't be left around. Cave-man approach makes it go away, but it's unclear if FM12 may have placed some stuff outside the application folder that is still interfering with 11.

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                            I was looking for help on this same topic and ran across this thread.  From the suggestions I tried the Activity Monitor and deleted some threads from a copy of FMS on had on this machine a few months ago.  I thought that was just temporary but it seems to have left some droppings behind.  Anyway, quitting those processes solved the problem, but it seems to have cropped back up when shutting down and then re-starting the machine.  So the next question is: how to shut these things down permanently?

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                              Stephen Huston

                              Your case sounds a bit different. If you installed FM Server, you have to actually UNinstall it, not just delete the FM Server app. Otherwise it leaves junk around that kicks in on restart with some of the server process still hidden away in the OS system directories.


                              Run the FM Server Installer, and select Uninstall as the custom option to perform. That should take care of it after the next OS restart.