Tabs within a panel displaying different sizes

Discussion created by DavidZakary on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Malcolm

I have a tab panel with a sub-tab panel within it. FM11


Parent panel is 470 pixels wide - this one is working fine.


The sub-panel, however, is displaying something odd. I click on the first tab and it is 450 pixels wide - all good. Completely contained within the parent.

The next couple of tabs are the same. However, when I get to the 4th tab, it displays a width of 470 pixels on the Inspector and the size visually jumps to 470. The subsequent tabs are all back at the 450 width. It is just this one tab that is messed up.


Anyone seen this behaviour before? And have a fix (other than deleting it and re-building?)


Of course, this is in a production file. Plenty of backups, but not sure how far back this goes. Wasn't my creation.


Dave Zakary