Ability to remove blank fields on a layout automatically

Discussion created by KRB548 on Jun 27, 2012
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I'm currently using FM12 and have been asked to look at our old student reports database. I not an avid coder but have a general understanding on how filemaker works.


When it was designed years ago we had several fields for a subject that we laid out in a line for a report on a print layout.

Then underneath that subject there would be another & so on.


So on 1 A4 sheet we would have several subject reports for a individual student.


I have now been asked to add extra subjects to the report which is not a problem but not all students may take the course. So if I layout the report the old way I would have a row with fields on the page to allow for this new subject.

When I print the reports not all students take this course so for example the drama line would have drama text heading but rest would be blank if they don't take the course.


Does anyone know if there is a way of automatically removing subjects from the report layout if they don't study that subject?


I have a database file which stores students set list against their student identifier field & if the student does not study a course that set list field will be blank.


Any help would be appreciated.