FM10 Server - can't connect to databases when SSL is enabled?

Discussion created by theboyk on Jun 27, 2012
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In FileMaker 10 Server, when I enable SSL, once the database server restarts, users can no longer access the databases the server is hosting. We can still see the server, but it no longer displays a list of available databases under the file display filter (via File > Open Remote > Local Hosts). Again, under Hosts, I can see the server, but with SSL is enabled and with the server selected, none of the databases are visible? As soon as I disable SSL, things go back to normal and selecting the server under Hosts results in a listing of all available databases under the file display filter.


As an FYI — we have "List only the databases each user is authorized to access" enabled (under Security > File Display Filter), so, once a user selects the server (via File > Open Remote > Local Hosts), before the list of databases displays in the file display filter, users are required to enter usernames and passwords. This works fine with SSL disabled, but once SSL is enabled, FileMaker never requests a username or password when selecting the server? I assume this is actually the issue, but unsure of the solution?