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    FM Go 11 anomalies with FM Server 11?


      Client running FM Server 11 on Windows Virtual Server... Users (20) running FM Go 11 on iPhones.

      Users can connect and operate the database over LAN (WiFi) with expected response time.

      Users can connect over 4G, but response times are very slow. Data and layouts are also confused.

      Client had lightning strike requiring new static IP address. FM Server and database was installed prior to lightning strike.

      Will reinstall database with new IP address in place.


      Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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          Stephen Huston

          4G has been reported as too slow for effective work in Go repeatedly. Simplifying EVERYTHING for the iOS interface layouts can help, a little, but 4G is crippling as a connection speed on most Go systems.


          The only issue with a new IP address for the server is how the users connect to the server, if they need new info, new launcher files, etc, but also:


          Are there any network IP data references in the files? If so, they will also need to be revised. IP addresses in file references should not be used if the files are all stored on the same server, but, if they are used, they will need to be changed to use the new server IP.

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            Thanks. Unfortunately, the new iPhone 4 is all they use. Guess FM Go and the new iPhone just won't work out for them.

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              Bennie -


              There may be some things you can do to help.


              1. Upgrade to 12. It has a significantly reduced network - bandwidth - footprint.
              2. Take a very hard look at the layouts that are exposed to the iPhone users. Kill everything that doesn't have to be there, especially bitmap graphics, which have to be downloaded.
              3. Reduce the number of fields in the tables that are presented, including any related tables. Every field on every record that is presented to the user is downloaded (with some exceptions), so the fewer, the better.
              4. Cut back or get rid of value lists that are built on table contents. In 11, these are built at the client - which means every record in the targetted table has to be downloaded.
              5. Minimize or eliminate operations that cover the entire table. These include sort, Replace Field Contents, and any aggregate functions (Summary, Count, Min, Max). When any of these fires off, the entire table has to be downloaded - every field on every record.
              6. Take advantage of caching. If you have a table where only a few of the fields are updated frequently, and the others are basically static, consider separating the table into two tables using a 1-to-1 relationship. That way, FileMaker only has to refresh the user's cache for the smaller table when someone changes a value in the frequently updated information.


              Still and all, Stephen is right - 4G is, well, slow. Even if you implement all of the above, it still may be to sluggish for your users. But it's worth a try.





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                Stephen Huston

                Mike's right about the WAN improvement in FMServer12. Don't know if it's enough for 4G, but some reports indicate huge improvements due the the server doing the almost all record processing and sending only the results to FM Go, which can speed some processes by 10 or even 100 times!

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                  Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your expertise. Since performance is the main issue, we're going to try a high-speed hosting service. Has anyone had any good/bad experience with that?