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USB Smartcard-Reader: Datatransfer with FM

Question asked by Benjamin Fehr on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by Benjamin Fehr

FMA 12

Mac OS / Win 7

USB Smartcard-Reader (Cherry ST-1044)


I'm looking for a solution to readout data's from a smartcard-reader to get them into FileMaker.

In Switzerland, we have Health-Insurance cards with a magnetic stripe, containing a unique ID-N°. Though a swipe-reader pushes the data's right into any dedicated field (MagTek's cardreader have a keyboard-emulation).


The new cards have also a chip with detailed informations. A smartcard-reader doesn't push data's. It needs any request-task to transmit.

Who knows about tasks required or protocolls involved for data-transmissions into FM?


I wouldn't know of any PlugIn which could deal with USB-Devices.


many thanks for help