creating calculations to figure payroll taxes

Discussion created by peteregg on Jun 28, 2012
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I have 2 employees that I have on payroll, both of whom are single and they use the same tax figures. I have a fed wt field with the following calculation:


Case (gross less deductions ≥ 721 ; (gross less deductions - 721) *(.25) + 93.6 ;gross less deductions > 209 ;( gross less deductions-209) * (.15) + 16.8; (gross less deductions > 0) ; (gross less deductions - 40) * .1 )


this works for what I have been doing except I now have a married employee that uses a different table. I need help to have the calculation different based on marital status. Is there a simple solution? or should I be doing this a different way? the same situation exists for NYS Payroll tax.