Filemaker Pro 12 conversion: Wrong data in portals

Discussion created by Karsten on Jun 29, 2012
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A customer converted a Filemaker Pro 10 database to Filemaker Pro 12. After conversion, a problem occurred in the printlayouts and in preview mode, which cannot be traced in browse-mode.


System: MacOS 10.7.4
Filemaker: FMP12


The printlayout in question is complex. The data part has several portals to make a complex print possible. Some data appears twice: Once on the right spot, but also in portals placed on different records. Thus, for some records, additional lines appear in preview mode, which are not visible in browse mode. These additional lines are not wrongly located, but they appear twice.


I carefully checked the layout in order that portals are not overlapping etc. Both layouts and data seem to be correct. The behavior is strange, it worked well in previous versions of Filemaker and I've never seen anything like it before.


Has anyone encountered this problem? It might be a bug in Filemaker Pro 12.