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Filemaker 12: How do I refresh users screens who use Filemaker as an order-screen

Question asked by dstorlie on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by Stephen Huston

In Filemaker 11 and previous, we have used list-view to show all the orders. People would keep that open, and when new information was added to the sheet, they would act upon it. They did not need to refresh the screen, as filemaker kept everything updated when another user added information to the database. That no longer happens.

I installed ONTIMER Scripts to update the data, but I only could get that to work using a find all script, which takes the user back to the selected record, which is usually the first record, since they were scrolling through a large number of records with their mouse wheel. This is a horrible database design, I know, but now I'm under the gun to make it work like it did before, or rewrite 50 databases ASAP. Any ideas to get updates to happen to the users screen without them noticing it?