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    FMP 11 - Image Locked on Insert Image




      5 clienta running OS X 10.7.x with FMP 11 and Server 11. They have a large number of images on a shared drive on a Mac Mini. When the try to insert an image (not by reference) from the shared drive into a container field they get a "file is locked" message and the image does not insert. From the same machine I can navigate to the drive and add images, delete images etc. It feels like a permissions issue but I am unclear as to why FMP is having an issue with the files..




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          The message inferring that the FMP file is locked. Do the users have permissions to modify the field and/or record?

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            Absolutely.  They can easily insert the images by doing a screen snap (command-option-ctrl-4), opening Preview, new file then save to desktop or docs and then insert the image from the local drive.  Piece of cake.




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              Hi, Stephen and Vaughan: I'm continuing this thread because I'm running into a similar situation, I think. FMPA 11v4 (Mac). When attempting to insert an image (reference) into a container, for a file on a shared remote directory, I get the "This file is locked or in use." message.


              - This occurs whether the database file is local or hosted.

              - This occurs only when the target image is in the remote directory, rather than on my local workstation (it works fine in that situation).

              - I DO have read privileges for the remote directory, but NOT write privileges (though I can't see how that should make a difference here).

              - I did try this with another remote directory on my laptop (from my desktop workstation), and it works fine (so yes, permissions could be at fault, but how?)

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                Hi To All, we have found that some background processes in osx can lock files such as the spotlight process and quicklook.  This can be very hard to detect as it does not happen in every case.  If you google on how to silence these processes via terminal you can find further info.  Also I think we could see this activity of quick look process via osx logs, you might be able to see this happening.

                PS this drove our dev team nuts for some time.


                Regards, Lance

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                  Hi, Lance: Whatever the cause in my case, I've been able to have the client test on their own workstation and, thankfully, the insert image script works just fine, and quickly. Yes, something is a lot different from my perspective than theirs — both in permissions and network performance. I'm doing this through a VPN from NYC to Boston, and it takes forever to just browse the medium-to-large image files contained in the remote directory. OSX wants to show thumbnail icons of the files, for instance, and as you mentioned, other processes, such as spotlight and quicklook may be trying to do their job. I'll have a look at the running processes next chance I have.Thanks.

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                    Hi Erik, We found it was intermittent.  So it would not happen all the time only if say quicklook was trying to access it.  No idea what determines the cycle of that process.  (In our case this would kill our robot function that was supposed to move and resize images at the worst possible time with that sort of dialog.)  PS Good luck. Regards, Lance