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Live Calc fields on a screen?

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by Stephen Huston

Hi all,

In my school's solution, the administrators want a place to evaluate teachers and record a score. They want a school-wide average of all those scores. This is built just fine, with lots of tweaking here and there.


I have a screen that they can visit all of their teacher's scores in a portal. The table is the school table, each record a different school, and the portal shows the calc fields for the evaluating system. Since, as i believe, calc fields do their work when called upon in another field or on screen, i wonder if having 30 teachers and their 6 calc (unstored) fields showing their average scores in dfferent categories, will slow down the database too much?


So I'd like to know:

When you do show a screen of the most current up-to-date info, do you use the live calc fields on the screen? Or do you set up a matching static field for each calc field and have an 'update' button that transfers the data from the calc field into a static field?


Maybe these static fields would be in a new table, and every time i press an update button, it creates a new record in the new table (EvaluationsUpdate) and posts that on the screen for all to see. Programmatically that seems a lot of work, taking the data from the calc fields and put them into a new table, but that seems to be a solution to what i wonder will be a slow down to the system.



When showing a report of fields calculated by changing info in the database, are they usually the live calc fields or something else?