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    Move notes to bottom of table


      I am somewhat of a FM novice, probably made obvious by this question. In my layout I have a table of specifications, each row/record is a specification. Many of the rows have a note number that links to another table with the actual text for the notes. I want to move all of the text from the notes, in ascending order, to the bottom of the table. Is there a simple way to do this beyond having two layouts? With two layouts I have to sort the specifications and note pages, which is pretty tedious.





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          Stephen Huston

          It sounds like you are using FileMaker to do page layout for publishing, which is problematic for several reasons, incluidng unpredictable data length and varying page lengths depending on printer selection. But here are a few ideas, which may or may not help depending on what your design looks like:

          • Consider exporting your data once the text has been compiled in FM, and using another program for final publication layout.
          • Consider scripted finds and imports into a "reporting" table of records, or some variant of the "Virtual Lists" technique, which has described in other threads on this site and elsewhere.
          • Use global variables to collect a group of text blocks in related fields into one text variable which can be placed on layouts simillarly to merged text fields.
          • You can even use scripting to "walk" your records and compile fairly large $variables from text in multiple records and tables, and then place that collected text into report tables/layouts when it reaches a certain size.

          None of the above are finished ideas, but may be worth exploring.

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            Thanks Stephen, your suggestions got me going in the right direction and I think I've found a solution.  I appreciate the quick reply!