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    Save fm12 back to fm11


      I saw recently a little filemaker product that would back-save from fm12 to fm11.

      Can anyone point me to where to find it again?



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          I have not heard of this, but since the files are not compatible this is unlikely unless it saved the file in XML format of some kind.

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            Hi Lemmtech,


                 Thanks for responding.

                 There was a downloads page & I forget exactly how much the program was but somewhere like $19 to backsave .fmp12 to .fp7

                 Of course it would be rarely needed but when, then essential. I hope I can track it down, I shoud have grabbed it when I saw it.

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              And that would ONLY be the data, right? It's unlikely that even a DDR (xml) would be used to create any version with layouts, scripts, valuelists, custom functions, etc. And there are sufficient changes between FM11 & FM12 that 'revert back' would be difficult. IF, however, you have FM11 that was converted to FM12 and want to IMPORT data between, several of the formats may would work. 


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              Beverly Voth


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                Of course Beverly is right (she usually is) you can transfer the data back from 12 to 11 using a merge format for example that has header info would probably be best but the architecture of 12 is VERY different so I don't see this really happening XML is the only possibility I could think of which is why I mentioned it but that's a long shot. For the most part going to 12 is a one way trip so you better be sure it's the direction you want to go before making the move.

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                  I can see a new version of fmRobot as a possibilty !