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Hi All,


Question at the end. First the use case...


Client reported that one of their files hosted on FileMaker Server 10 had

closed by itself.


I was able to use the FileMaker Server Admin Console to open the file.


Naturally, I wanted to test the file to see if there were any issues:


1. Ran FMDiff: no issues found

2. Ran a backup schedule with ³verify backup integrity² turned on: no

issues found

3. Ran File->Recover...->Check Consistency button: no issue found

4. Ran File->Recover...->Select File->²Use Advance Options² checkbox: here

is where it gets interesting...

(Please note that I have NO plans to use the removed file. I am running a

diagnostic recovery on a throw away copy of the file.) the bottom of the report was the message:

³2012-06-28 10:26:27.749 -0400 FileName.fp7 8495 WARNING: problems

were detected while recovering the database. The recovered file should NOT

be used going forward; copy only the most recent work from it into a backup

copy of the original file.²


4 custom function and 4 layouts were flagged in the recovery log. Below is

one of each.

2012-06-28 10:26:25.244 -0400 FileName.fp7 0 Recovering: custom

function 'myTrFile_CreateFile' (22)

2012-06-28 10:26:25.245 -0400 FileName.fp7 8477 Calculation


2012-06-28 10:26:25.245 -0400 FileName.fp7 8476 This item



2012-06-28 10:26:25.880 -0400 FileName.fp7 0 Recovering: layout

'LayoutName - seems to be working OK' (473)

2012-06-28 10:26:25.880 -0400 FileName.fp7 8462 Deleted invalid

layout part

2012-06-28 10:26:25.881 -0400 FileName.fp7 8497 Updated last

layout part key (1)

2012-06-28 10:26:25.892 -0400 FileName.fp7 8487 Reset table view

2012-06-28 10:26:25.895 -0400 FileName.fp7 8476 This item



I suspect that the 4 Custom Functions were flagged because the plug-in they

reference was not installed.

I went to each of the 4 layouts in both the browse mode and the layout mode

and they did not crash, etc.


The clients system consists of 108 files with 3,639 layouts, etc.


I would like to run a diagnostic recovery on each of 108 files and do the

same on a number of early backups.


Is there a way to run a batch ³Advanced Recover² or we going to have to

build one with AppleScript, QuicKeys and/or scripting the user interface?


Thanks for any thoughts on this.


All the best,



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