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Do you share my pain?

Question asked by johnbuckingham on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by DrewTenenholz

Did anyone else feel the same pain I'm currently experiencing in layout design in FM12, and if so, do you have any pointers as to how to overcome them?


My layouts look amateur because I simply cannot accurately place items. So I can't keep the gaps between fields constant. And I'm spending way, way longer getting to not being happy with them than I did to reach a satisfactory result in 11 (and previous).


I used to temporarily add a tall field with base lines showing and then align individual field to it, using the dotted extension as a positioner for the text baselines. That doesn't work - no dotted baseline extension.


I would drag copy a field with option and shift and its movement would be limited to the starting axis. That doesn't work.


I used to use the arrow keys to nudge a field or text by a pixel. That doesn't work - sometimes it nudges more than a pixel and I can find no way to get it to the required position.


I have never been enamoured with 'dynamic guides' - there are so many instances where the particular item I wish to align to isn't detected. And I am in a frame of mind, right now, where I feel that the arrogance of some people who work in the banking sector seems to have spread to those who write application generators.


Sure, add new tools to improve the way things work, but surely also allow folks who've come on the journey with you to continue to be able to work. Like Apple with the idiot opposite vertical mouse movement in Lion - they've had to back peddle and allow users to switch it off. I just hope and pray that a soon to be released FM12 update will offers a similar checkbox; 'Revert to a working Layout design regime [x]'. I'd check it.


But, if you know of any ways around these (hopefully, short term) shortcomings, please will you point me towards them - 'cos my business is suffering!


Thanks in advance