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Create a validation script for field entry

Question asked by ziceg on Jul 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by BruceHerbach

Ok, so scripting is my utmost weakest point....


What I'm trying to achieve is so that when in a table when Field A (which has a radio button set up) someone selects a particular item eg "Multiples" it populates Field B with a particular text eg "000" (which is one of the items of the value list of this particular field).


On the other hand if someone selects any other than "Multiples" in Field A and then tries to enter into Field B "000" it should give them an error message as they should only select from any of the other items on the value list in Field B BUT "000" or go back to Field A and change their option to "Multiples"


I assume that these would be 2 different scripts, one for Field A and another for Field B. Where and how would I activate such scripts. In layout mode right clicking and choosing Set Script Trigger?


Thanks for the help in advance.