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1. Re-sizing layouts? 2. See nothing in preview.

Question asked by godeak on Jul 1, 2012
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Two seemingly very simple question, but I'm puzzling over them. Seems like I must be missing something obvious, but here goes:


1) How do I re-size layouts? I know if you drag elements down it will prompt you to expand the layout vertically. I also understand basically how the autosizing locks work. But how can I customize the horiz. & vert. size of a layout so it will default to that size? For ex,I want an "enter site"/login layout for remote users, then one sort of layout for entering new data, then another sort for generating reports/charts. I want these 3 types of layouts to have different sizes/shapes. How can I do this? I was looking at the instructions for customizing layouts in Advanced, but I don't see syntax to specify layout size.


2) When I go to preview mode -- for any layout -- I see nothing. Doesn't matter if it's one I've adapted from a pre-existing template, or one I've codged together myself. Same thing if I try to print.

One possibility I thought of is that because I'm building the db, and don't yet have any records entered (even mock test-records), preview won't work (ie, it needs data to show the layouts). But this doesn't make sense; for example, if you want to print a generate-report layout, just to show what it looks like (e.g., to show a client or colleague the layout), shouldn't you be able to see the graphic elements? Whether or not you've loaded any records, or indeed if any records exist??


Confused. BTW, using FM Pro 11 Advanced in MacOS.